AMG Copper Downspout Hangers
AMG Copper Downspout Hangers

AMG Copper Downspout Hangers

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3 Round Downspout Hanger
4 Round Downspout Hanger
Bolt Screw Finish
No BoltScrew (customer to provide)
Yellow-Zinc 4 BoltScrew
Copper 4 M10 BoltScrew




Gutter System

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Our imported Round Copper Downspout Hangers are heavy duty (.069" thick) clam-shell types that feature a thumbscrew lock for easy installation and removal and a securely fastened M10 socket for attachment to the bolt screw. We offer standard 3" and 4" size brackets that will fit all 3" and 4" round copper downspouts. Made in Germany or Italy.

We offer our hangers with the following options:

  1. No Bolt Screw (you provide the M10 screw)
  2. With 4" Copper M10 Bolt Screw
  3. With 4" Yellow Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Bolt Screw

Dimensions of the Copper Round Downspout Pipe hanger from Rapid Materials

Dimension "d"German Size

M10 Bolt Screw for Downspiout hangers from Rapid Materials

L2 (inches)L3 (inches)German Size


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