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Express 6364 Roofer Hoseless Soldering Iron Set
Express 6364 Roofer Hoseless Soldering Iron Set

Express 6364 Roofer Hoseless Soldering Iron Set

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Soldering Tool

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The roofer hoseless soldering iron metal case set includes a roofer soldering iron and a metal box.

This solder iron for roofing is the ultimate portable device. It has a power of 1.3KW at 2 bar and its bit tip heats up to around 1112°F very quickly. With this tool, roofers no longer have to encumber themselves with the pipes and gas cylinders that come with traditional soldering irons when doing, for instance, repair or inspection works on the roof.

The self-powered soldering iron, Express 364, supplied as standard with a piezo ignition, is a valuable work tool for all professionals in the roofing industry. It is perfect for finishing works as it can be used non-stop for 70 minutes between refills, allowing the roofer to move about freely on the roof.

Ergonomically-designed, compact and lightweight, the soldering iron weighs less than 3 lbs with the cartridge and bit.

This roofer soldering tool set features 15% propylene/butane/propane (60g) foam cartridges, making it possible to flip over and use immediately.

The top notch quality of this soldering iron allows it to be used in severe conditions such as very cold weather at temperatures as low as 18°F, which is an added asset for roofers who spend most of their time outdoors!

The Express self-powered soldering iron runs at a very low noise level to further enhance user comfort and its piezo ignition allows immediate utilization in all positions, with a tip that can be oriented through 360° and angled at ± 5°.

Suitable for zinc, copper, stainless steel, zinc with patina, lead.

Set includes:

  • Soldering iron
  • "Turbo" bit
  • 2 gas cartridges
  • 1 empty bottle for flux (100 ml)
  • 1 spare injector
  • Metal box


Power (in kW) at 2 bar : 1,3 kW - 4400 BTU at 29 PSI
Gas consumption at 2 bar : 94 g/h at 29 PSI
Max. tip temperature (°C & °F) : 600°C - 1110 °F
Endurance (min) : 70 min
Total weight : 1 230 g - 2.706 lb



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