PlankPanels™ 0428 Cave
0428 Cave PlankPanels

PlankPanels™ 0428 Cave

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PlankPanels™ System
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PlankPanels can be produced in any Fundermax Max Exterior color, providing a wide range of possibilities.

  • PlankPanels™ comes in one standard length: 161.42".
  • Sold in Packs of 6 pcs.
  • Each 161.42" PlankPanel 6-pack covers 53.8 square feet.
  • Each 6-pack of PlankPanels comes with the required number of clips for installation (clips should be no more than 16" on center), so no guessing at how many clips are needed.
  • PlankPanels are available in standard 8mm thickness.
  • PlankPanels are NFPA 285 Complaint when installed per our installation guidelines using our framing support system.

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