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Snow Retention

Snow Guards and Snow Retention Systems are designed to hold snow in place on the roof-top to prevent snow-pack from sliding off the roof and causing damage to persons and property! Sliding snow can rip gutters off buildings, damage vehicles & vegetation and injure pedestrians walking by or entering your home or business. By holding the snow in place, a well-designed snow retention system allows the snow to slowly melt-off and safely dissipate.

Rapid Materials offers a great selection of quality snow guards and snow retention systems designed for use on metal roofing products.

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Sealant Surebond Everseal SB-190 Clear Adhesive
LMCurbs Snow Diverter
3M 94 Tape Primer
S-5!® DualClip  II for DualGard  Snow Guards
S-5!® CorruBracket Mounting Bracket
S-5!® CorruBracket 100T Mounting Bracket
S-5!® CorruBracket 100T Mini Mounting Bracket
S-5!® ColorGard® Un-Punched Snow Rail
S-5!® ColorGard® Pre-punched Snow Rail
MATCO Inch-Lb Torque Wrench
S-5!® DualClip  III for DualGard  Snow Guards
SnoClip III
S-5!® DualGard  Bracket
S-5!® SnapClip III for ColorGard® Systems
S-5!® X-Gard  2.0 Brackets
S-5!® X-Clip III for X-Gard
S-5!® DualCollars & Endcaps for DualGard Pipe (Four Pack)
S-5!® DualPipe  for DualGard  Systems
S-5!® SnapClip II for ColorGard® Systems
SnoClip II
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