FREUND is a leading manufacturer of world s finest handmade tools in the sheet metal roofing industry. It offers a wide variety of sheet metal tools for every job, whether for aluminium, lead, copper or zinc, there is always an appropriate tool or a selection of tools for every assignment and purpose.

For more than 160 years, Freund has been designing and manufacturing of state-of-the-art, handcrafted tools. These specialty tools which are made in Germany, are designed for the roofing, sheet metal, plumbing and carpentry industries.

Freund bending tools are high quality and ergonomically designed, and great value.

Check out our Freund Edge Rollers:

  • for easy edging and bending of sheet metal
  • are mobile Edge Rolling Machines applicable with all prevalent materials
  • are affordable and versatile


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Freund XL-150 Bender
Freund Disc Roller S-Model
Freund Double Seam Closer 92170000 - Winkeldoppelfalzer
Freund 45° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
Freund 90° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
Freund 90° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers 01092060
Freund 91610000 Double Disk Edge Bender
Freund 91604100 Maxi Double Edge Bender
Freund 91604000 Maxi Single Edge Bender
Freund 91601000 Premium Double Edge Bender
Freund 91603000 Premium Single Edge Bender
Freund 91600000 Premium Single Edge Bender with Handle
Freund 91630000 Radius Roller 25 Edge Bender
Freund 91631000 Radius Roller 50 Edge Bender
Freund 91611000 Single Disk Bender
Freund 91620000 Standard Double Edge Bender
Freund 91602000 Standard Single Edge Bender
Freund Seaming Tongs
Freund Straight Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
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