BladeScreens Architectural Louver Screens from RapidMaterials

BladeScreens™ architectural louver screens can be used in a variety of applications where a sight barrier is desired. It features a horizontal blade with an inverted profile that creates a visual barrier when viewed straight ahead or from below. This visual barrier also conceals vertical supports and attachment clips.

BladeScreens™ are an inverted, horizontal blade, secured to a receiver clip that is mechanically fastened to a continuous vertical support member. The blades are available in fixed member depths with a variable member-to-member spacing. Prefabricated corner assemblies are available in mechanically fastened and welded configurations. Each blade shall be 0.080 inches thick extruded aluminum (6063-T5) and shall be spaced at a frequency to accommodate the desired visual barrier.

BladeScreens™ is a product designed by Facades United, a manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance exterior cladding products.


BladeScreen Brace
BladeScreen Brace



Bladescreens Installation



BladeScreens System Architectural 4H Model Submittal
BladeScreens System Details