BladeScreens™ Components

BladeScreens utilizes a simple two component system that makes installation a breeze.

3" Standard Length

10'0" & 20'0" Standard lengths

BladeScreens Brace
The BladeScreens Brace is designed to engage the BladesScreens Blade perfectly. Extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum. A minimum of two Braces are required for each section of Blade, spacing not to exceed 72" on center (installer to determine the quantity and spacing of all supports required to withstand a wind force of not less than 25psf for all screen modules).

BladeScreens Blade
The BladeScreens Blade is also manufactured using prime 6063-T5 aluminum. The Blade is available in two stock lengths: 10'0" and 20'0", and can be ordered in custom lengths (please contact us for a quote).