Flashing by Aztec Washer Hi Temp Vent Pipe Boots
Flashing by Aztec Washer Hi Temp Vent Pipe Boots

Flashing by Aztec Washer Hi Temp Vent Pipe Boots


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No 1 Pipe Boot-Fits 1/4 to 2-1/2
No 2 Pipe Boot-Fits 1-3/4 to 3
No 3 Pipe Boot - Fits 1/4 to 5 Pipes
No 4 Pipe Boot -Fits 3 to 6-1/4 Pipe Boots
No 5 Pipe Boot-Fits 4-1/4 to 7-3/4 Pipes
No 6 Pipe Boot-Fits 5 to 9 Pipes
No 7 Pipe Boot-Fits 6 to 11 Pipes
No 8 Pipe Boot-Fits 7 to 13 Pipes
No 9 Pipe Boot-Fits 9 to 19 pipes


Aztec Washer



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Universal High Temperature Masterflash pipe boots from Aztec Washer are a great solution for flashing around any type of round penetration in a metal roof, including vent pipes, conduit and solar panel mounts where temperature is a concern.

These boots are an excellent choice for use on wood burning stove applications. (Maximum pipe temperature must not exceed the temperatures in the table below)

High Temp Silicone Boots are Orange-Red in color.


Intermittent High Temperature Tested To:+500° F (+260° C)
Continuous High Temperature Tested To:+437° F (+225° C)
Low Temperature Resistance Tested To:-101° F (-74° C)
Advanced Ozone Resistance Tested To:70 Hour @ 500 pphm
Compression Set Limit:50%

Read our blog on how to install a pipe boot on your metal roof.

Also available with a square base design and the only pipe flashing list in the Florida & California Building Codes!

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