Freund Offset Aviation Snips
Freund Offset Aviation Snips

Freund Offset Aviation Snips


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Red Handle - Better HRC61
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Freund Tools Aviation and offset aviation snips feature high quality German precision in a compound action tin snip featuring compact yet strong design and comfortable plastic coated handles for a firm grip. Unlike American manufactured aviation snips, Freund snips are not color coded for "hand", but instead for strength and Rockwell hardness of the blades. (The one exception to this is the Freund Universal Tin Snip which is color-coded for hand in the American style.)

Freund aviation snips with Green Handles are HRC (Rockwell Hardness) 58-60. These snips are suitable for general purpose use in cutting copper, zinc and 24-22 gauge steel products.

Freund aviation snips with Red Handles are HRC 61. These tools are generally used for cutting of all sheet metal products such as copper, zinc and 24-22 gauge steel up to light gauge (28ga) stainless steel.

Freund aviation snips with Purple Handles are HRC 65. These tools are designed for daily use when cutting stainless steel and other harder metals.

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