Freund XL-150 Bender
Freund XL-150 Bender

Freund XL-150 Bender




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The Freund Bender XL-150 makes bending sheet metal to a true 90° easy and fast. Larger than the S-150 with a double set of bending wheels, the XL-150 is a superb tool for long straight bends in both the shop and the field.

Using the Bender XL-150 is simple. Just a loosen the carriage clamping bolts and slide it to the appropriate laser etched mark on the stainless steel rod to set the bending point. Next slide the XL-150 over the edge of the sheet metal and then roll it back and forth along the edge of the sheet metal while applying pressure in the direction of the bend.


  • Stainless steel working parts and fasteners
  • Bends up to a true 90° due to a special canted bending wheel
  • Bending depth of 13/64" to 5-29/32"
  • Bends Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc up 0.040" in thickness
  • Lightweight - 5.95lbs - for easy handling
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