High Quality Gutter Tools from RapidMaterials

Our gutter tools are specifically designed to make the installation of standard American style aluminum and steel gutters a breeze. These tried and proven tools are quality manufactured to make the installation of any half-round gutter system in copper, zinc, steel or aluminum a smooth and fast.

From crimpers to notchers, nail punches to hole saws, Rapid Materials offers professional tools from Malco, Freund and others for the professional gutter installer. Whether you're installating aluminum K-style gutter or European half-round copper and zinc gutter, we have the tools you need!

Gutter Tools

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Malco SC3R 3-Blade Crimper
Freund 45° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
Malco 5-Blade Crimper C4R/C5R/C6R
Freund 01320002 5-Blade Pipe Crimper
Freund 90° Angle Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
Malco Crimper Power Assisted C5A Turbo-X-Tool
Malco Gutter Outlet Saw Blades
Edma Hand Punch 00360010 for Sheet Metal
Malco HSK Hole In One Saw Kit
Malco Notchers for Sheet Metal
Freund Notching Tool 00360020
Freund Pipe Expander for Round Pipe
NCG S401 Rivet Tool 01302000 - 360° Rotatable Head
Malco Scratch Awls
Malco Single Blade Crimper
Malco Snaplock Punch for Sheet Metal
Freund Straight Blade Seaming (Clinching) Pliers
Freund Swages - Seaming/Gutter
HC1 Gold Standard Hole Cutter
The Malco HC1 Hole Cutter for sheet metal up to 20ga steel
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