Metal Sheet Quartz Zinc Sheets by VMZinc (5 Sheets Minimum)
Metal Sheet Quartz Zinc Sheets

Metal Sheet Quartz Zinc Sheets by VMZinc (5 Sheets Minimum)

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0.8mm [0.031] 39.4 x120 QUARTZ Zinc Flat Sheet from VM Zinc
1.0mm [0.039] 39.4 x120 QUARTZ Zinc Flat Sheet from VM Zinc
Zinc Plus
Standard Surface
VMZ Zinc Plus Option



Zinc Sheet

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5 Sheets

There is a minimum purchase of 5 sheets for this product.

QUARTZ-ZINC features a factory-induced patina that simulates the natural patina that zinc creates after being exposed to air and water. Umicore's QUARTZ-ZINC aspect is very similar to the actual color of the natural patina.

The elegant, pre-weathered grey of QUARTZ-ZINC by VMZINC is achieved by a factory process that mimics the matt patina that zinc naturally develops over time.

No other pre-weathered zinc captures the depth of texture of an evolved patina like QUARTZ-ZINC. The durability and beauty of QUARTZ-ZINC is unparalleled, especially when compared to zinc products of light hues. In applications that will have varying exposures to the elements and will, therefore, weather at different rates, this reliability of appearance is a tremendous asset. On the luminance scale for measuring colors QUARTZ ZINC falls into a Y-Factor range of 22-25. Every batch of QUARTZ-ZINC is measured and the results are documented. Beautiful color variation is expect in natural materials.

QUARTZ-ZINC blends harmoniously with other building and construction materials, making it ideal for both traditional and contemporary designs, as well as for renovations and new construction.

    VMZ Zinc Plus Option

    PLUS means that a 60 µm (2.36mil) thick coating is on the back side for installation on non-compatible supports. VMZ Zinc Plus is available for all surface colors.

    VMZ Zinc Plus resists to an abrasion of 40 liters when tested in accordance with ASTM D 968.

    All flat sheets are 39.4"x 120"

    All Prices are per sheet.

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