NGI Specialty Roof Flashing

Posted by David Trefzger on 4/15/2016 to Roofing
NGI Specialty Roof Flashing

Mounting products such as PV modules and solar water heaters on a shingle or composite roof is always a challenge.

NGI has introduced a new line of specialty roof flashing/mounts designed specifically for the solar industry (but can be used for other applications) that makes mounting anything on a shingle/composite roof easy, fast and watertight.

The line up includes four great new products:

ZIP Flashing

Zip Flashing by NGI from RapidMaterials

The ZIP Flashing features a reversible aluminum plate (black on one side and mill finish on the other), a special "Zip Bolt" , all stainless steel hardware and a high performance polymer gland washer to seal everything water-tight.

The Zip Bolt extends above the roof 1-5/16" and is threaded 3/8"-16 and can be used to mount just about anything. The bottom extends into the roof trusses just over 3" for superior holding power.


Double Stud Solar Mounting Flashing by NGI from RapidMaterials

The Double Stud Flashing features a laboratory tested withdrawal strength of 5,240 lbs with the standard 2-point installation with 5/16" lag bolts in a Douglas fir truss. I can also be installed directly to the sheathing with a four point installation.

The unique Double Stud with encapsulated gland washer creates a water-tight seal, for maximum strength and water protection.


Double Stud XL Flashing by NGI from RapidMaterials

With a patented base plate design, the Double Stud XL flashing can be mounted through to the truss with a two screws, or mounted directly to the sheathing with eight, allowing more placement options and superior load capacity.

The special Double Stud features an encapsulated high temp polymer washer for an absolutely water-tight seal and standard 3/8"-16 x 7/8" stud for mounting just about anything. The Double Stud XL is also compatible with Zilla® flush mount systems or any solar mounting system of your choice.


Electrical XL Flashing by NGI from RapidMaterials

My personal favorite! The Electrical XL Flashing is unique on the market. The special flashing adapter allows direct mounting of of conduit and junction/combiner boxes with no rubber boots and no leaks!

The Electrical XL Flashing can be used to pass any type of cable through a roof (or wall) safely and securely, including satellite dish cables, ethernet cabling and more.


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