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PERKEO Foot Stand/Hook
PERKEO Windscreen
PERKEO Top Nozzle Cap
PERKEO Multi-Flame Nozzle
PERKEO WIngnut/T-Handle
PERKEO Orifice-Solid Brass
PERKEO Spindle/Adjustment Wheel


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Genuine PERKEO Replacement Parts and Accessories ensure perfect fit every time for your Heavy-Duty Perkeo Soldering Iron. Currently Available Parts for PERKEO Heavy Duty Soldering Irons:

  • Foot stand and suspension hook for PERKEO. Made of stainless steel adjustable spring with self-locking nut
  • PERKEO Windscreen for all heavy-duty soldering irons.Windshield prevents torch blow-out. Made of robust sheet steel.
  • Top Nozzle ( steel cap w/opening ), replacement part for hand-held blow torch. Made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Multi flame nozzle (brass) , replacement part for hand-held blow torch. Made of solid brass with 11 bores for an optimum burning behavior
  • Wingnut,Pin and screw. Made of galvanized steel.
  • PERKEO Orifice. Made of solid brass with 0.28mm tip bore for optimum burning behavior.
  • Spindle wheel replacement part for hand operated valve spindle. Consisting of: Hand wheel made of shaped brass spring mechanism for exact flame adjustment label self-locking nut.
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