Perkeo Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron

Perkeo Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron





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The Perkeo heavy-duty propane soldering iron is a technically sophisticated quality product that is made from the finest materials such as stainless steel, solid brass and indestructible teflon. Exceptionally durable, low maintenance and easy to operate, this tool is ideal for everyday use. It goes on working well despite moisture, soldering chemicals or the toughest jobs. This is a tool you can really depend on!

With the standard 350g tip, the Perkeo soldering iron is at operating temperature and ready to use in less than 55 seconds. With the Perkeo's powerful and constant flame you can work even in strong winds and without using a windbreak.

  • Fast ignition without using an air-slider
  • Reliable action, perfect handling
  • Handy control wheel to provide the right amount of gas. The flame responds instantly
  • Ergonomically designed handle made of hardwood (common beech). Very well insulated
  • Rotatable tube connection
  • Valve gasket made of indestructible teflon
  • Back cap and valve rod made of stainless steel
  • All individual parts available as spares
  • Easily adaptable with its versatile accessories
  • Exceptionally durable 350g soldering bit mate of electrolytic copper. Also available in other styles
  • Operates at temperatures up to 2552° F (1400° C)
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