PlankPanels™ B40 PanelClip™
B40 PanelClip for PlankPanels Below 40' AGL

PlankPanels™ B40 PanelClip™

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PlankPanels™ PanelClip™
PlankPanels™ PanelClip™  is an integral part of the PlankPanels system. Used on all concealed fastener PlankPanels systems, the PanelClip is used at equally spaced intervals (not to exceed 16" on center).

PlankPanels™ PanelClip are available for individual purchase so you can purchase what you need for areas where additional clips are needed, such as where PlankPanels are cut to non-standard lengths for aesthetic reasons. All PanelClip are unpainted.

Two PanelClip are needed at each vertical panel joint.

Make sure you purchase the PlankPanels PanelClip that is correct for your application:

A40 PanelClip™  is for use on all PlankPanels Concealed Fastener Systems Above 40' AGL.

B40 PanelClip™  is for use on all PlankPanels Concealed Fastener Systems Below 40' AGL.

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