PlankPanels™ Rail System
PlankPanels "H" Profile

PlankPanels™ Rail System


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H-Rail (10'0) for Plank Panels
Z-Rail (10'0) for Plank Panels
PlankPanels™ Rail System
PlankPanels™ is designed to be installed either directly over wall sheathing (below 40' AGL only) or on a simple "H" & "J" profile rail extrusion system.

Our Rail System has been engineered to work specifically with PlankPanels to ensure a sturdy installation that provides the necessary spacing to make PlankPanels NFPA 285 compliant.

This simple to install system is comprised of two components:

Z-Rail: for use at all mid panel and perimeter (edges, jambs, corners).

H-Rail: for use at all panel butt joints.

Both are provided in 10'0" lengths, mill finished aluminum.
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