PlankPanels Rainscreens Wall Cladding Systems from RapidMaterials

PlankPanels -HPL featuring FunderMax Exterior F-Quality High Pressure Laminate material is a prefabricated rainscreen cladding system. With four layout styles and the most extensive color selection currently available on the market, PlankPanels-HPL provides customers with endless possibilities, allowing architects and designers, as well as building and homeowners, to let their imaginations run wild.


FunderMax, founded in 1890 by Karl Funder, is the global leader in phenolic compact exterior cladding panels for rainscreen application. FunderMax incorporates a patented, double-hardened acrylic surface, combined with industry leading UV protection to offer the perfect solution for exterior facades.

FunderMax panel is made from compressing sheets of kraft papers under high-intensity pressure and temperature into durable, strong sheets which are flame retardant and weatherproof. The kraft papers are manufactured from the by-product of sawn timber sourced from sawmills which are certified to be in compliance with international laws for sustainable forestry. FunderMax only uses FSC certified paper. From there, the waste products (such as cut-offs and sawdust) in producing the compact panels are again recycled in the FunderMax eco-power plants, producing electricity and thermal energy to thousands of households. Every stage from start to finish in producing the Max Exterior panels has been 100%environmental friendly, and FunderMax was awarded by the Austrian Government for best practices. FunderMax has also achieved the highest level of code compliance in the USA with an ICC Evaluation Services Report.

PlankPanels -HPL featuring FunderMax is a rainscreen system designed for fast installation for a lower in-place cost than traditional High Pressure Laminate rainscreen systems. PlankPanels-HPL are available in all Fundermax Max Exterior F-Quality colors, offering a wide range of possibilities with over 115 colors to choose from. PlankPanels-HPL featuring FunderMax come in one standard length: 161.42. Sold in bundles of 6 pieces, each pack of PlankPanels-HPL panels contains the required number of clips for installation, so there is no guessing at how many clips are needed.

Thickness:5/16" (8mm)
Plank Width: 8" Overall Dimension (7.6875" Face Dimension)
Plank Length:161.42"
Plank Core: Brown - Flame Retardant