Replacement Blade Set for MWT-1200SV

Replacement Blade Set for MWT-1200SV





Cutting Tool

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The Midwest MWT-1200SV MagSnip Vinyl Siding Replaceable Blade Snip features 3-1/2" cut replaceable blades that are specifically for cutting vinyl siding materials. The nail lip of vinyl siding can be challenging to cut through. This latest version of the MagSnip is tailored to professional vinyl siding installers. The blade edges are optimized for cutting vinyl siding and maintain the ability to cut 24 gauge metal flashing. Kush n Kote grips comfort user's hands. Two replaceable blade kits are available - All-purpose & Vinyl Siding. The product ships with Vinyl Siding blades.


  • Vinyl siding optimized blade edges
  • Cut light-gauge metal flashing
  • 3 1/2" Cut length
  • Feather weight magnesium handles
  • Kush'n Kote comfort grips
  • Replaceable blades
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