Edge Benders and Disk Rollers are great tools for bending sheet metal goods in the shop and field. With a maximum, working capacity of up to 22ga steel, these rolling benders quickly and efficiently form bends up to 180° (requires both and edge roller and disk roller) in copper, zinc, aluminum and steel products. With the Radius 25 and 50 models, bends can be made in curved materials as well!

How to select the right Freund tool for your application

Rolling Edge Benders

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Freund Disc Roller S-Model
Freund S-150 Perfect Bender
3-Station Edge Roller Malco ER3
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Freund 91610000 Double Disk Edge Bender
Freund 91604100 Maxi Double Edge Bender
Freund 91604000 Maxi Single Edge Bender
Freund 91601000 Premium Double Edge Bender
Freund 91603000 Premium Single Edge Bender
Freund 91600000 Premium Single Edge Bender with Handle
Freund 91630000 Radius Roller 25 Edge Bender
Freund 91631000 Radius Roller 50 Edge Bender
Freund 91611000 Single Disk Bender
Freund 91620000 Standard Double Edge Bender
Freund 91602000 Standard Single Edge Bender
ESE True 180 Rolling Edge Bender
ESE True 90 Rolling Edge Bender