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S-5! Clamps and Brackets from RapidMaterials

S-5!® clamps attach to the metal roof panel seam by the tightening of two "bullet-nosed" stainless steel setscrews against the seam material. (This is usually done with an industrial grade screwgun.) The setscrews compress the seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp. They will "dimple" the seam material, but will not penetrate it. Threaded holes in the clamp (and stainless hardware provided) enable the easy attachment of various ancillary items to the clamps.

Learn How to Mount a Satelite Dish (or Anything for That Matter) to a Metal Roof

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  • Seam Clamps Seam Clamps
    Regular size S-5! seam clamps can be used to mount everything from snow retention (ColorGard) to heavy objects such as roof mounted AC units and more.
  • Mini Seam Clamps Mini Seam Clamps
    S-5! mini seam clamps are great for mounting just about everything else, including solar panels (see S-5 PV-Kits) satellite dishes and more.
  • S-5! Brackets S-5! Brackets
    S-5! Brackets are designed for surface mount applications on screw-down style roof panels systems.
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