S-5! CorruBracket 100T Mini Mounting Bracket
S-5!® CorruBracket 100T Mini Mounting Bracket

S-5! CorruBracket 100T Mini Mounting Bracket

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S-5 CorruBracket 100T Mini Mounting Bracket

The CorruBracket 100T Mini is a bit shorter than its standard counterpart and has two pre-punched holes in its base rather than four. The mini is the choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories: signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment just about anything! S-5!® mini brackets are not compatible with, and should not be used with, S-5!® SnoRail /SnoFence , or ColorGard, or X-Gard snow retention systems.

Exaqmple of the S-5!® CourrBracket 100T installion

Having no messy sealants to apply, CorruBracket 100T Mini comes with a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal already on the base, and the S-5!-patented reservoir conceals the EPDM from UV exposure, preventing UV degradation. The slotted top hole, which accommodates standard M8 nuts and bolts, simplifies alignment and maximizes flexibility in attaching ancillaries. A structural aluminum attachment bracket, CorruBracket 100T is compatible with most common metal roofing materials.

Because of the variety of possible applications, nuts and bolts are not included [available for separate purchase].

Installation is easy:

Please note: The above image illustrates the CorruBracket 100T. The steps remain the same for the CorruBracket 100T Mini; however, there will only be two fasteners used.

Installation is simple! CorruBracket 100T Mini is mounted directly into the crest of the corrugation, straddling the valley. No surface preparation is necessary; simply wipe away excess oil and debris, align, and apply. Secure directly into the crest of the corrugation by driving the appropriate screws into the pre-punched holes, or pre-drilling the proper-sized hole through the pre-punched holes and riveting.

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