S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions

S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions

S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions

The new and improved S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions is the perfect marriage for photo-voltaic power generation and metal standing seam roofs. With S-5!®, you can attach an entire solar array with zero roof penetrations, maintaining the roof’s integrity and warranty.

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The concept of combining photo-voltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing—and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules.

A 30-year power source on a 40-year roof, along with zero-penetration technology, creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation, all without compromising the roof manufacturer’s warranty!

The Newly Redesigned S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions


The new stainless steel mounting disk is designed to ensure conductivity (bonding) with anodized aluminum module frames.

  • Listed to the new UL Subject 2703, a standard that covers both bonding and mounting
  • ETL Listed to UL 1703
  • Groundbreaking new mounting disk: twelve nodes designed to ensure module-to-module conductivity
  • Simply anchor the module with the S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions (according to the installation instructions) and it automatically provides a ground path within the module frames and through the S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions
  • No lugs/wire required, except to connect one string of modules to another and to ground the system
  • In most cases, this connection detail represents a savings of $6-$12 per unit and is sufficient to pay for the entire S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions and clamp setup!
  • The stainless steel mounting disk is able to withstand severe conditions and is compatible with the S-5-B Mini for copper roofs


(Left) Without the S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions, lugs or copper wires are required to bond PV panels within a string of modules.

(Right) Using the S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions, wires and lugs are no longer needed from module-to-module, but will still be needed to bond strings together and to ground the system.

Note: The drawings above show an example of continual conductivity; please refer to the engineer for specific job layouts.

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