S-5! S-5-B Brass Seam Clamp for Copper Metal Roof Panels
S-5-B Brass Seam Clamp for Copper Metal Roof Panels

S-5! S-5-B Brass Seam Clamp for Copper Metal Roof Panels

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S-5-B Brass Seam Clamp for Copper Metal Roofs

Architects and roof designers choose copper roofing for its timeless elegance and durability. The S-5-B (B for brass) metal roof panel seam clamp allows architects to maintain that theme with all rooftop mounted equipment and accessories using an attachment device that features permanence and durability consistent with the roof itself. The S-5-B clamp is specifically designed for double-folded copper standing seam roof panel profiles.

S-5-B Brass Seam Clamp Profile from RapidMaterials

The S-5-B Brass clamp comes complete with two [2] 3/8"x24 x 0.50" round nose set screws and one [1] M8-1.25 x 16mm Hex Flange Bolt. All hardware is stainless steel. The S-5-B clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results by an independent lab.

ModelPanel ManufacturerPanel NameThickness MaterialScrew Tension (inch-lbs)Ultimate (lbs)Failure ModeAllowable (lbs)Notes
S-5-BKMETECu (25mm DF SS)0.7mm Copper1151274 lbF637 lb
S-5-BRevere CopperDF SS16 oz Copper1151497 lbF749 lb

This table represents tensile loads applied to the clamp in a direction parallel to the panel seam. Panels must be adequately attached to the structure at their point of fixity to resist these loads. Allowable loads are listed utilizing a default Factor of Safety (FS) = 2.0. Actual factor of safety is the responsibility of the designer and should be employed as appropriate. Enter desired Factor of Safety and reset/re-tabulate.

All tabled values are dependent upon setscrew tension. Load testing of S-5!® clamps is conducted with setscrews tensioned at 150 inch pounds (22 gauge steel profiles) or 115 inch pounds (24 gauge steel and all other metals). When relying upon published load values, setscrews should be tensioned and verified using a calibrated torque wrench between 160 and 180 inch pounds when used on 22ga steel and between 130 and 150 inch pounds for all other metals and thinner gauges of steel.

S5B Front View Profile from RapidMaterialsS-5B Brass Seam Clamp Top View from RapidMaterialsS-5B Brass Seam Clamp Side View from RapidMaterials

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