S-5! S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp for Metal Roof Panels
S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp for Metal Roof Panels

S-5! S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp for Metal Roof Panels

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S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp by S-5! for Metal Roofs

The S-5-R465 Mini was created specifically to fit the Zambelli RIB-ROOF 465, McElroy Metal s Mirage II, Rib Roof Metal Systems Rib Roof, and similar roof profiles. The S-5-R465 Mini replaces the S-5-R Mini, proving to have more than three times the holding strength. The clamps are uniquely designed with opposing setscrews to maximize holding strength. The S-5-R465 Mini is a bit shorter than the S-5-R465, having only one setscrew on each side rather than two. The mini is the choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories: signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment just about anything!

*S-5!® Mini clamps are not compatible with, and should not be used with, S-5! SnoRail /SnoFence or ColorGard® snow retention systems.

S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp from RapidMaterials

The S-5-R465 Mini clamp comes complete with two [2] 3/8-24 x 0.50" setscrews and one [1] M8-1.25 x 16mm Hex Flange Bolt. All hardware is stainless steel.

Installation is easy:

S-5-R465 Mini Seam Clamp Installation from RapidMaterials

The S-5-R465 mini clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results by an independent lab. For roof panel specific test results, please contact us at 770-405-1060 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, or at tech @rapidmaterials.com

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