S-5! X-Gard®

New from S-5!, the X-Gard snow retention system can be designed as a one- or two-pipe system spanning up to 48". No other pipe snow retention system on the market has proven stronger than X-Gard.

The innovative double-clamp design allows X-Gard to provide unprecedented holding strength when attached with S-5!'s standard or even mini-sized clamps. The employment of two clamps with each bracket and the unique shape of the NEX® 2.0 pipe enable a properly installed X-Gard system to provide a reliable snow retention solution in a wide variety of situations.

X-Gard is mechanically attached with patented round-point setscrews, gripping the seam securely without penetration and without damage to the panel’s protective finishes. Optional X-Clips can also be installed to retard snow migration down the roof.

This new snow retention solution can be easily retrofitted to existing roofs or incorporated into new construction design. It can be installed any time during the year on almost any metal roof profile.

We can assist you in design and parts selection. For professional, manufacturer trained design assistance, contact us at tech@rapidmaterials.com seven days a week, or call us at 770-405-1060 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday


S-5! X-Gard Brochure

S-5! X-Gard Installation Instructions

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