SFS Intec #12 Dekfast™ PURLIN Fasteners

SFS Intec #12 Dekfast™ PURLIN Fasteners

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SFS Intec


Construction Metal Screws

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SFS Dekfast™ purlin fasteners feature shank diameter smaller than the drill point allowing thicker material to be drilled and cleared of chips before the threads tap into the purlin. Dekfast #12 fasteners are available loose for insulation and panel attachment to steel & wood. Stress plates (bearing plates) can also be purchased separately.


  • Steel: thicknesses from 18ga (0.045") up to 1/4" (0.250") purlin steelÿ



  • Head/Drive Type: #3 square, pancake head
  • Head Height: 0.110" max
  • Head Diameter: 0.445" max
  • Thread Major Dia: 0.207"
  • Shank Dia: 0.179" nom.

STRENGTH (lbs ultimate):

  • Tensile: 2300
  • Torsional: 100 in-lbs min

PULL-OUT (lbs ave)

  • 18ga (.045"): 375
  • 16ga (.060): 599
  • 14ga (.075): 869
  • 12ga (.104): 1477
  • 3/16" (.188): 2300*
  • 1/4" (.250): 2300*

*Denotes tensile failure of fastener (fastener failed in tensile before pulling our of tabulated substrate). Fasteners are designed for the attachment of roofing materials to purlins. Designated holding values depend on the quality of materials to which fastener is being anchored. Pull-out tests need to be conducted to verify that the substrate provides adequate pull-out values.


  • Dekfast purlin fasteners meet Factory Mutual corrosion-resistance Standard 4470.


  • Tools: 1800-2500 rpm screw gun equipped with depth-sensing nosepiece.
  • Each carton contains one (1) #3 square bit

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