Stainless Steel Sheets T-304 #3 "Brushed"
Stainless Steel Sheets T-304 #3 "Brushed"

Stainless Steel Sheets T-304 #3 "Brushed"


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24ga (0.0239 nominal) 48x120 Sheets
22ga (0.0299 nominal) 48x120 Sheets
20ga (0.0359 nominal) 48x120 Sheets
18ga (0.0478 nominal) 48x120 Sheets
16ga (0.0598 nominal) 48x120 Sheets


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Steel Sheet

Manufactured from T-304 stainless steel with a #3 finish.

The 2B finish is characterized by the "brushed" appearance and is commonly used in kitchens for both appliances and work surfaces, food processing and brewery equipment and scientific surfaces among others.

All of our sheets are 48"x120" and are available in the following gauges:

  • 16ga (0.0598" nominal)
  • 18ga (0.0478" nominal)
  • 20ga (0.0359" nominal)
  • 22ga (0.0299" nominal)
  • 24ga (0.0239" nominal)

Our list prices are for orders less than 5 sheets.

If you need more than 5 sheets, contact us for a price quote and save 50% or more per sheet! For example, 18ga 4x10 single sheet price of $546.00. Buy 5 sheets and the price is $209.00 per sheet! 5 sheets costs less than 2!

Call 770-405-1060 M-F, 8am to 5pm eastern, or email

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