Standing Seam Clips & Screws

Posted by David Trefzger on 2/20/2016 to Roofing
Standing Seam Clips & Screws

Standing seam metal roof panel clips and fasteners tend to get overlooked when putting together a metal roof panel system. Fortunately, SFS Intec has designed a great series of standing seam metal roof panel clips and screws that fit most roof panel profiles and provide no-compromise quality.

Manufactured at their ISO-9001 plant in Pennsylvania, SFS clips are produced to exacting standards using the highest quality G-90 and 304 stainless steel materials available.

Engineered to fit a wide variety of roof panel profiles including snaplock, 1", 1-1/2" 2" and taller mechanical seams, SFS clips do the job right, with no worries about failure due to sub-standard materials or suspect supply chains.

The same standards hold true for SFS clip screws. No compromise quality and materials.

See SFS Intec Standing Seam Clips

See SFS Intec Standing Seam Clip Fasteners

Want more information about standing seam clips and screws? Look no further! I've been in the business of design, manufacturing and distributing standing seam clips for almost two decades. Call me at 770-405-1060 or email

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