Swenson Shear Model 64 Hip & Valley Pivot Shear
Swenson Shear Model 64 Hip & Valley Pivot Shear

Swenson Shear Model 64 Hip & Valley Pivot Shear


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The Model 64 Hip/Valley Shear by Swenson Shear with its 48" blade is ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels, with the ability to shear straight at 90° and up to a 9/12 valley cut. The custom blades match any panel profile, providing a clean cut, eliminating burred edges and flying metal. The shear is transportable and weighs around 160 lbs.

The Model 64 Shear features an interchangeable blade to accommodate any manufacturer's panel profile. Separate blades will be needed for each blade profile or to achieve various gable angles. The recommended maximum gauge thickness is 24. Shearing panels thicker than 24ga may increase wearing of blades. 

*In order to achieve and angled cut (gable) or accommodate multiple panel profiles, the purchase of an additional blade set is required.

Common Blades:

Straight Blade: Will shear straight at 90° and up to 2/12 gable 

4/12 Gable: Achieve between 3/12 - 5/12 gable cuts, 4/12 valley* cuts

7/12 Gable: Achieve between 6/12 - 8/12 gable cuts, 7/12* valley cuts

*Because Valley cuts will be exposed, it is recommended that a separate blade be used for each valley angle


  • Recommended Maximum Panel Thickness: 24 gauge
  • Blade Length: 64 inches
  • Ideal For: Light gauge exposed fastener panels, shear to length and Valley cuts & Gable ends, suggested maximum panel thickness, 24 gauge.
If you don't see your panel manufacturer listed, call us for assistance a 770-405-1060.

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