Swenson Shear Stone-Coat Base & Ridge Bender
Swenson Shear Stone-Coat Base & Ridge Bender

Swenson Shear Stone-Coat Base & Ridge Bender



Swenson Shear


Cutting Tool

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The perfect tool for bending stone coated metal shingle products, the Swenson Stone-Coat Base & Ridge Bender is designed to bend any stone coated metal shingle. With a 56" effective width, the bending beam can handle the full diagonal width stone coated panels which have a diagonal width up to 55".

The Base and Ridge Bender is a combination tool used for bending stone coated steel to control water from blowing into the roofing system. The ridge bender is used anywhere there's a short course in the field, head wall and ridge. The base bender bends stone coated steel panels at the rakes, side walls, hips and valley to control water from moving sideways into the roof. 

 The Base and Ridge Bender was added to complement the One Arm Bandit. It can be used with any Manufacturers panel and is Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA. 

Ideal For: Stone-coated shingle and shake style steel panels

Designed for shop or jobsite, this tool weighs under 100lbs and can easily be moved by two workers.

Swenson strength, quality and durability are built into this fine machine.

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