The Pros and Cons of Copper Gutters

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The Pros and Cons of Copper Gutters

As well as most residential buildings, nearly all commercial buildings, whether it be a hotel, office, or hospital, have what is called a ‘rain drainage system’ or what is more commonly referred to as rain gutters. Rain gutters come in several types, shapes, and materials. While homeowners have the freedom to choose what type of system or material they prefer, there is no denying that every homeowner should have rain gutters installed to protect their investment.

Many problems can be prevented by having rain gutters in place, helping you avoid costly home repairs that could arise in the future. Rain gutters are designed to redirect rainwater away from your home to avoid issues such as siding and roof damage, or even flooded basements. Water that seeps into the home can lead to wet walls and mold, or even worse, water collecting at the base of your home that could weaken the home’s foundation.

While rain gutters are functional and an essential part of maintaining your home, it doesn’t mean they have to be unattractive. Gutters are available in a range of materials including aluminum, galvanized steel, vinyl, and copper – and, they can be as beautiful as they as they are practical.

Copper rain gutters have become increasingly more popular in recent years, adding instant character and elegance to a home’s exterior. If you consider rain gutters like the frame on a picture, copper gutters compliment and enhance a home’s appeal with a unique design element that delivers architectural interest.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of copper rain gutters:


Curb Appeal

A copper rain gutter system improves the appearance of your home like no other rain drainage system.Copper gutters add beauty and enhance architectural design to suit a variety of styles from rustic to traditional or even contemporary homes.You can also incorporate unique design elements such as copper rain chains to add an interesting touch to your water collection system.

Durable – Lasts Up to 100 Years

Copper is durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant.Some experts say that copper roofs and gutters can last more than 100 years, even in environments with smog or acid rain.Copper gutters are designed to last a lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment.

Low Maintenance

In addition to being corrosion-resistant, copper prevents the growth of algae, mosses, and lichen, which can block the clear flow of rain water, helping to reduce maintenance headaches.Copper also reacts with the atmosphere to form a patina, which adds a sophisticated appearance to your home.Patina can range from blue, green, brown, or even black depending on the surrounding environment.

Patina is a protective coating unlike iron or steel which can corrode or rust. Some homeowners choose to leave the patina as a unique characteristic of the home while others choose to apply a sealant, which can preserve the original bronze color – it’s all a matter of preference.Either way, the natural characteristics of this metal make copper rain gutters a superior, low-maintenance option.



While aluminum and vinyl rain gutters are cheap, copper can cost as much as double the price. Copper does cost more, but only initially. Homeowners often find that their lifetime costs of ownership places copper at about the same as aluminum gutters, with far less maintenance and care.

Copper rain gutters can be viewed as an investment that not only increases curb appeal, but dramatically raises the resale value of a property.

Professional Installation

Working with copper takes a skilled craftsman. Copper requires additional soldering at its joints so you want to make sure you hire an experience professional to install your copper rain gutters.

While copper has both pros and cons, the disadvantages have nothing to do with functionality.Although copper requires a higher initial investment, you will likely save time and money in the long run.The long service life of copper rain gutters means you will have a system designed to last for decades that will only get more beautiful with time.

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