Top 10 Construction Apps by Steve Wright

Posted by Steve Wright on 3/9/2016 to Technology
Top 10 Construction Apps by Steve Wright

Submitted by Steve Wright

Did you know your smartphone can double as a construction calculator, a construction management solution, or for sharing blueprints? All of these activities and more are now available as mobile applications. There are specialized apps for everything else, construction included. Using mobile apps gives you the ability to use tools you may have only had at your office anytime and anywhere.

Fieldwire from Fieldwire

Application: Construction Management and Blueprint Sharing

Operating System: Android, iOS

Fieldwire provides users the ability to view blueprints, track inspections, track issues, and perform tasking on a smartphone.

  • It has the capacity for agile project management.
  • The free version includes 10 users and 5 projects. All versions include unlimited sheets.
  • Business and Enterprise plans have API integration, email support, and phone support.


PlanGrid from PlanGrid

Application: Construction Software

Operating System: Android, iOS

PlanGrid is a collaborative software solution that allows everyone on a construction project to share plans and markups in real time. Contractors and architects can share and collaborate from a desktop or mobile device on all project plans, photos, specifications, RFIs, and punchlists. The app also includes:

  • Automatic master set version control
  • Issue tracking
  • Hyperlinks created from detail call-outs
  • Cloud backup
  • Simple export to .zip files



Application: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Project Presentation

Operating System: iOS

BIMx allows contractors to share 3D models with clients. The free version, available in both iOS and Android, provides an unlimited number of 3D models on any device. On the PRO plan, contractors and architects can view 2D and 3D models and access hyperlinked 2D documentation. Other features include:

  • View 3D cut-aways
  • Custom element information sets
  • Zone stamps on floor plans and zone labels in 3D model
  • Print from iOS device to AirPrint capable printers


Control Center 8 from

Application: Remote webcam control with image and video sharing

Operating System: Android, iOS

Control Center 8 Mobile Support provides real-time control and access of jobsite webcams with the capability to share images and videos on social sites or through email. This application is excellent for keeping track of progress and security on any jobsite.

  • Live streaming video
  • Swipe, pinch, pan, tilt, and zoom controls
  • 360-degree panoramic views
  • Time lapse
  • Historical archiving


LEED Construction Software by Green Badger

Application: LEED documentation software

Operating System: Android, iOS

LEED Construction software provides a convenient way to document and verify LEED construction credits at the jobsite or the office. It verifies VOC content, provides the team with real-time updates, and offers reporting and documentation for LEED certification.

  • General contractors
  • Sustainability professionals
  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Tenants

Buzzsaw by Autodesk

Application: Document and data management software

Operating System: Android, iOS

Buzzsaw enables BIM workflows through a mobile device. The software also provides centralized access to project information and team collaboration. Users can exchange models, markup in design and review, and notify team members of changes to drawings.


Sun Seeker by ozPDA

Application: Augmented reality camera 3D view showing solar path

Operating System: Android, iOS

Sun Seeker uses GPS to display the position of the sun and the light path to the user’s current position. Excellent for envisioning where and at what angle sunlight enters a room in order to plan window layouts.

  • 3D augmented camera overlay view showing the sun’s current position and path
  • Map view with hourly solar direction
  • Ability to select location or date to view solar path for that day and place
  • Includes maximum solar elevation, rise, and set


Handyman Construction Calculators by Kalyani

Application: Complete construction calculator

Operating System: Android

The Handyman Construction Calculator app contains multiple calculators, time tracking tools, and measurement converters.

  • Concrete
  • Lumber
  • Brick
  • Square footage
  • Asphalt
  • Job estimate
  • …and many more

BulldozAIR by BulldozAIR

Application: Visual task management and collaboration

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows


BulldozAIR provides the means for teams to collaborate with the office and each other from the jobsite by exchanging visual information. Collaborate through visualization, traceability, reports, and notifications.

  • Centralizes project documentation
  • Provides offline access to key documents
  • Captures and edits pictures and notes
  • Assigns tasks to workers and clients


Construction Master Pro by Calculated Industries

Application: Advanced construction-math calculator

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows

Construction Master Pro began as handheld construction calculator. Now the same functions are available on a mobile application.

  • Solves difficult construction-math problems with a smartphone
  • Reduces errors
  • Saves time on estimating, bidding, and building
  • Built in help

Mobile applications have proliferated along with the smartphone. Most of these applications are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. They can take the place of multiple pieces of hardware from your computer to a hand calculator and you can carry it all on your mobile device.

Having these tools can save you time, eliminate errors, and help you get the bid back to the client before your competitors. You can check the angle of the sun from anywhere on the globe or monitor your LEED certification points, plus calculate, manage, and view almost any phase of your project.

Steve Wright works for Whirlwind Steel Buildings, a manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings and components. Whirlwind Steel metal buildings are manufactured and designed to meet the highest quality standards. To learn more, visit


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