Trespa Meteon NW03 Harmony Oak 6x12 SS Satin

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High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

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Max Exterior is a high-quality construction product that is available in large format panels for building facades and cladding balconies.

Max Exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) as per EN 438-6, type EDF with extremely effective weather protection. They are produced in lamination presses under great pressure and high temperature. Double-hardened acrylic PUR resins provide extremely effective weather protection that is particularly suitable for long-lasting balconies and facade claddings.

As a standard, Max Exterior panels come printed on both sides. They can also come polished on just one side for use in sandwich elements. The core is flame-retardant and the surface is lightfast.


Extreme weather resistant
Optimal light fastness
Scratch resistant
Solvent resistant
Hail resistant
Impact resistant
Heat resistant
Bending resistant
Frost resistant
Easy to clean
Easy to install
Suitable for all exterior applications
Double hardened


Facade sheathing
Wall cladding
Partition walls
Commercial construction

Product Details


Surface Finish
Silky Matte (NT)
Mirror Gloss (NG)

2 mm (0.079") (upon request)
3 mm (0.118") (upon request)
4 mm (0.158") (upon request)
5 mm (0.197") (upon request)
6 mm (0.236") (available in NT only)
8 mm (0.314 ) (available in NT & NG)
10 mm (0.393 ) (available in NT & NG)
12 mm (0.472 ) (available in NT & NG)
13 mm (0.511 ) (available in NT only)

Sheet Sizes
110.24 x 51.18 (2800mm x 1300mm) (available in NT only)
161.42 x 51.18 (4100mm x 1300mm) (available in NT & NG)
110.24 x 72.99 (2800mm x 1854mm) (available in NT only)
161.42 x 72.99 (4100mm x 1854mm) (available in NT only)

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