VM Zinc Company Set

VM Zinc Company Set

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Sheet Metal Tools

These are the tools demonstrated during the VM Zinc training class for sheet metal craftsman. The Company Set contains these quality German tools:

  • 91100000 Squareseam Folder (220mm) 1st Stage Hand Seamer
  • 91170000 Twin-Square Seam Folder (220mm) 2nd Stage Hand Seamer
  • 91070000 Eaves Edging Tool (250mm)
  • 91080000 Eave Closing Jaws (220mm)
  • 01092060 2-3/8 Wide 90° Seaming Pliers, Lap Joint
  • 01141181 Skewed Seaming Tongs
  • 01130000 Folding Pliers
  • 01120000 Angle Flat Scraper (Anvil or welt iron)
  • 01121000 Hammer for Scraper
  • 01224275 Right Hand Curved Blade Tin Snips
  • 01225275 Left Hand Curved Blade Tin Snips

This set comes in a stout metal and plastic Stack-On tool box.

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