Winter Weather Check

Posted by Darren Edwards on 1/10/2018 to Snow Retention
Winter Weather Check

Winter Weather Check | Snow Retention Systems 

In early December, areas of the country that don’t often see severe winter weather got much more than they bargained for. From Texas to Alabama and even Georgia, the Southeast experienced significant snowfall that left some areas with up to a foot of snow and thousands of stranded travelers at the country’s busiest airport. And then we started the year by adding to our vocabulary with the phrase ‘bomb cyclone’ that wreaked havoc in the South and devastation in the Northeast.

Severe weather events are only expected to increase in intensity in the coming years, and it’s not just the plunging temperatures we need to watch out for – it’s also the accumulation of snow that can pose a danger. No matter where you are located, snow can become a major liability, posing danger to not only a building itself, but the people who enter or exit your building or simply passersby. Homeowners also need to consider how they can protect hedges, gutters or even automobiles that may sit below an unprotected roof.

For metal roofs, snow accumulation can be especially troublesome.  The sudden and unexpected release of snow from a roof can create a dangerous situation – one that can be easily prevented with a snow retention system.  Once the snow has melted, we encourage you to evaluate your current snow retention system or consider adding a snow retention system if you don’t already have one.  In these instances of unexpected winter weather, prevention can mean everything.

Snow guards and snow retention systems are designed to hold snow in place on the roof-top to prevent the snow-pack from sliding off the roof and causing damage to persons and property. By holding the snow in place, a well-designed snow retention system allows the snow to slowly melt off and safely dissipate, rather than becoming a hazard.


At Rapid Materials, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of world-class snow guards and snow retention systems designed for use on metal roofing products. We invite you to learn more about our systems by visiting our Website or feel free to call us Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM EST at 770-405-1060.

Interested in learning more? We also invite you to read our informative blog about The Real Cost of Snow Retention.

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