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ULTRA-Z drilling fasteners are manufactured using an innovative tapered compression point process (TCP) with tightened tolerance controls to provide an ultra-sharp cutting edge. The REVERSE TAPER design features an extended flute that penetrates thicker materials while guiding chips away from the surface, eliminating clogging and reducing burn-out and waste. Ultra-Z fasteners come in a full range of sizes and drives and are available with corrosion inhibiting OxySeal II coating for extended life.

Featured Fastener

10x1" Pancake Head Clip Screw

Our 10x1 Pancake Head Metal Roofing Clip Screws feature:

  • 1000 Hour Ruspert® Coating* for corrosion resistance
  • #10x9 Thread
  • Combo Drive (Square/Phillips drive)
  • T-17 saw point for easy cutting through light gauge sheet metal and fast wood penetration

The Advantages of the Ruspert Treatment:

  • Superior corrosion resistance against salt water, gas, weathering and others
  • Corrosion resistance against scratches due to composite layers
  • Electrolytic corrosion resistance when used with other metals

Fastener Videos

Rodenhouse Plasti-Grip

The Rodenhouse Plasti-Grip® PMF (Plastic Masonry Fastener) attaches rigid continuous insulation to concrete and masonry substrates. Rodenhouse PlastiGrip fasteners are available in multiple lengths to achieve various results.

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