Series One

Reynobond ACM Sheets from RapidMaterials

Reynobond® Colorweld® 500 Series One Standard Finishes feature 70% Kynar®/Hylar 5000® polyvinylidene flouride (PVDF) resins with Flouropolymer technology, coil coated to ensure the highest color uniformity and quality. The opaque finishes typically consist of a 0.2 mil primer and a 0.8 mil color coat, for a nominal dry film thickness of 1.0 mil.

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Solid Finishes

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  • Reynobond 4mm FR BONE WHITE 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR BONE WHITE 62″x196″

  • Reynobond 4mm FR Brite Red 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR BRITE RED 62″x196″

  • Cadet Gray Color Swatch

    Reynobond® 4mm FR CADET GRAY 62″x196″

  • Reynobond 4mm FR CASTLE GRAY 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR CASTLE GRAY 62″x196″

  • Charcoal

    Reynobond® 4mm FR CHARCOAL 62″x196″

  • Reynobond 4mm FR CLASSIC BRONZE 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR CLASSIC BRONZE 62″x196″

  • Reynobond 4mm FR DEEP BLACK 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR DEEP BLACK 62″x196″

  • Reynobond® 4mm FR EASTMAN BLUE 51"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR EASTMAN BLUE 51″x196″

  • Reynobond 4mm FR FRISCO WHITE 62"x196"

    Reynobond® 4mm FR FRISCO WHITE 62″x196″

  • Konig Blue

    Reynobond® 4mm FR KONIG BLUE 62″x196″