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Eaves bending and finishing tools for standing seam metal roofing are designed to quickly and effectively create a finished panel “hook” for a professional, strong and longlife metal roof termination.

Eaves Bending & Finishing Tools for Metal Roofing Installation

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  • Malco ER3 3-Station Edge Roller

    3-Station Edge Roller Malco ER3

  • New Design Buschmann S-Model Disc Bender

    Disc Bender S-Model 29mm by Buschmann

  • ESE True 180 Rolling Edge Bender

    ESE True 180 Rolling Edge Bender

  • ESE True 90 Rolling Edge Bender

    ESE True 90 Rolling Edge Bender

  • Sale! Falz Cutter by Buschmann

    Falz Cutter for Standing Seam

    $1,116.00 $1,000.00
  • Freund Disc Roller S-Model

    Freund Disc Roller S-Model Sheet Metal Bender 91612000

  • Freund 91610000 Double Disk Edge Bender

    Freund Double Disk Edge Bender 91610000

  • Freund 91604100 Maxi Double Edge Bender

    Freund Maxi Double Edge Bender 91604100

  • Freund 91604000 Maxi Single Edge Bender

    Freund Maxi Single Edge Bender 91604000

  • Freund 91601000 Premium Double Edge Bender

    Freund Premium Double Edge Bender 91601000