Hemming Tool 20″ for Metal Roof Panels




Featuring a 20″ wide blade that is 1.5″ deep and can accommodate total panel thickness up to 1/8″, this hemming tool is perfect for finishing metal roof panels at the eave line. This tool can be used on metal panels up to 20″ to form hems as deep as 1-1/2″. The hem is determined by how far back you notch the roof panel ribs.

How to use it:

A. Notch the roof panel ribs back. If you want a 3/4″ hem, notch the panel ribs 3/4″. If you want a 1″ hem, notch the ribs back 1″

B. Slip the flat of the panel between the blades of the hemming tool and slide it against the panel ribs

C. Bend the panel under until the hemming tool contacts the bottom of the panel


JS Design

Additional information

Weight 136 oz
Dimensions 21 × 3 × 1 in

Metal Roofing Tool

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