PVKIT 2.0 MidGrab with Black Anodized Top Grab


Now available with a black anodized top grab, the S-5 PVKIT 2.0 MidGrab is used at all panel-to-panel connections.

This kit includes a black grab, mill finish stud, screw and base plate.

Requires S-5 mini clamps or brackets to mount to a metal roof. Regular S-5! clamps may also be used if desired.

UL 2703 Listed.

Quantity Pricing Price
1 - 49 $7.47
50 - 199 $7.30
200+ $7.13


Now available with a black anodized top grab, the S-5 PVKIT 2.0 MidGrab is used at all panel-to-panel connections.

This kit includes a black grab, mill finish stud, screw and base plate.

The new S-5! PVKIT 2.0 MidGrab is used at all panel-to-panel connections.
The Module Placement Bevel Guide makes the module placement easier. The mounting disk is multi-directional and rails are not required. The PV grab ears are broader for ease of installation and secure module engagement. For edge of field conditions, use can also use the PVKIT 2.0 Midgrab, or the PVKIT 2.0 EdgeGrab.

PV Kit fits a wide array of module thicknesses. Use with S-5! mini clamps enables fitting to all standing seam metal roof profiles of any material. When paired with S-5! brackets, the PVKIT 2.0 also works on all trapezoidal ribbed and corrugated metal roofs. If desired, the PV Kit can also be used with regular S-5 clamps.

  • The MidGrab can also be used at an edge condition if desired.
  • Modules can be easily installed from ridge-down or eave-up.
  • More slots for wire securement.

PVKIT 2.0 is UL2703 Listed

S-5 Mini Clamps and Brackets are not included.
These clamps are recommended for use with the S-5-PV Kit 2.0 Midgrab: 
These Brackets can also be used with the S-5-PV Kit 2.0 MidGrab:

Solar Kit 2.0 MidGrab Product Brochure Solar Kit 2.0 MidGrab Installation Guide Solar Kit 2.0 MidGrab pdf CAD Drawing Solar Kit 2.0 Solar Manual



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Roofing Mounting Solution for All Metal Roofs

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Weight 17.12 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.25 in


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