Tool Sets

Save time and money with one of our tool sets featuring the finest tools on the market. These sets have been assembled with specific tradesman’s needs in mind; if you would like to build your own set, email us at info@rapidmaterials.com with a list of tools and let us put together a package for you.

Craftmen’s Tool Sets

  • VM Zinc Craftsman Set

  • Metal Roofing Tools Malco Basic Metal Roofer Set

    Malco Basic Metal Roofer Set

  • VM Zinc Company Set

  • Tool Set Malco Metal Roofer Starter Set

    Tool Set Malco Metal Roofer Starter Set

    $305.00 - $330.00

Featured Tool

ESE First Stage Hand Seamer

  • Single lock hand seamer
  • Forms the first stage 90 degree bend
  • For hard to reach places
  • Use to start, finish or seam the entire roof
  • Unique leverage design
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Will not scratch or peel paint
  • For profiles that measure 1/2' across the top
  • Features brass jaws, with steel handles

Tool Videos

Malco J-Channel Cutter

David Trefzger demonstrates and reviews the performance of the Malco-J Channel Cutters in this Rapid Video. Malco J-Channel Cutters for vinyl siding are available in three standard sizes: 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".

Snips: Traditional vs. Offset

There are a variety of snip styles you can use to cut sheet metal, but they are not all created equal. Take aviation snips for example; there are traditional aviation snips and offset aviation snips, but they have distinct differences.

We pride ourselves on providing expert advice based on decades of professional field experience. Whether it’s choosing the right tool for the job or calculating the correct material requirements, our experts are available to serve you.

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